Do you suffer from long-term chronic pain? Has your doctor recommended a nerve block procedure?

You may be slightly worried about having a nerve block for the first time, and that’s perfectly normal.

But the more you know about the nerve block procedure, the more you can prepare and relax, right?

Here is some useful information to ease the nerves!

What Is A Nerve Block?

Nerve block is an anesthetic or anti-inflammatory injection used to block all pain signals from a particular part of the body or decrease inflammation.

Duration Of Nerve Block

A nerve blocking procedure usually takes 20 minutes. Typically, the temporary nerve block lasts from a few days to several weeks then wears off as your body absorbs it.

Some patients may require more than one nerve block before they experience long-term relief. Each case is different. So, it really depends on your specific case.

Pain During A Nerve Block

The nerve block involves inserting a small needle (not bigger than a typical syringe) through the skin. Although the physician numbs the area before inserting the needle, you may feel a slight sting or pinch.

Also, in rare cases, if the needle comes too close to a major nerve, like the sciatic nerve, you may experience a sudden shot of pain. The physician will remove the needle and re-insert it in a different position.

Importance Of A Reliable Physician

The most important piece of advice when opting for a nerve block is the carefully review available health care providers beforehand.

An experienced professional can best guide you on how suitable and safe the nerve block is for you. Moreover, they ensure all necessary precautions are taken for the procedure and the risk of side effects is minimized.

Hence, with the right team, at most, some patients may also experience discomfort or soreness after the procedure, but it is only temporary.

On the other hand, an amateur performing the procedure can lead to permanent nerve damage. In that case, you may experience weakness, numbness that never subsides, or long-term muscle paralysis.

So, we cannot emphasize enough on ensuring you opt for qualified and experienced physicians.


People suffering from pain are sometimes desperate to get relief, so a nerve block might look tempting. It is important to thoroughly understand the procedure and make sure you are comfortable with it.

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