Living with chronic pain in your joints can be debilitating and impede you from having a full life. Even worse is the fact that the pain prevents you from being able to exercise, which could potentially help you strengthen your joints in the long term.

At  Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center, we understand how difficult this cycle gets. This is why we offer solutions that will help alleviate your pain and give your joints better strength.

Common causes of joint pain

A lot of conditions are responsible for joint pain. The most prevalent is arthritis, which is a broad term for more than 100 diseases that are at the root cause of joint pain. Besides arthritis, overusing your joints may cause inflammation and pain, medically termed Tendinitis and Bursitis. Injuries to ligaments due to accidents and strain are also common causes of joint pain.

For these types of joint pain, a common treatment plan is joint injections.

How can joint injections help with pain?

Joint injections help with both pain and inflammation. Getting a shot will alleviate your pain and help restore movement to your joints.

A typical joint injection has two constituents; a steroid and an anesthetic. The steroid helps relieve the inflammation, and the anesthetic provides relief for the pain.

Getting a Joint Injection

Before receiving a joint injection, your pain specialist will first determine that you will benefit from it without any backlash. This is why you need a consultation first. When it is decided that a joint injection is helpful in your treatment plan, you can then set a date for the procedure.

The procedure for administering joint injections is quick and easy. We perform such procedures and other treatment options at Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center.

In some cases, we require X-ray guidance to ensure that the injection is administered to the right area. Usually, many joint injection recipients can go home immediately after the procedure and, from testimonials, enjoy months of pain-free living. Some patients return for a shot after a while if the pain returns.

However, there are a few things to note;

  • Joint injections, when taken repeatedly, offer fewer and fewer periods of relief. This is because recipients can develop tolerance to it.
  • In the case of degrading joints, while multiple shots may be necessary to ease chronic pain over time, physical therapy gives a better chance at slowing down or stopping degradation.
  • We do not expect patients to return to physically strenuous activities immediately after getting joint injections. Physical therapy like exercise and stretching must be at a slow pace to prevent further injuries or a worsened case of pain.
  • Except in extenuating circumstances, we advise patients to have no more than four joint injections in the same body part in one year.
  • If patients have surgery scheduled for the affected joint, we advise that they have joint injections months before the surgery.

We advise patients who receive joint injections to spend their pain-free moments engaging in progressive physical therapy. Spending time stretching and strengthening muscles provides a better outlook on long-term relief. We also encourage lifestyle changes that help in reducing the chances of the pain returning.

With our range of treatment options for chronic pain, a pain-free life is just an appointment away. Reach out to us today.