It is common to find people using the internet to self-diagnose when they present with symptoms. People even search the Internet first before getting medical attention. While it is understandable that anxiety and fear propel such actions, it is potentially very harmful to you.

The danger of self-diagnosing, especially as regards pain, is that you could be wrongly diagnosing yourself and ignoring a more pressing issue at hand. Also, certain conditions require proper medical testing, which is not considered when self-diagnosing. And sometimes, you face chances of worsening your condition by using home remedies or inappropriate medication.

Here are some other reasons why you should not self-diagnose:

Your pain may be related to multiple conditions

Mostly, the same symptoms present for different ailments. Your Google search results will bring an array of possible ailments related to your symptoms. For example, if you are experiencing unrelenting back pain and go to Google for a diagnosis, your search results may show Sciatica, Arthritis, Herniated Discs, and many other severe conditions. Neither of these may be the case, and you may be working yourself up to worry for no reason.

Worry and Anxiety

Self-diagnosing will have you more worried than your initial symptoms, and this may even worsen your symptoms. Stress and anxiety exacerbate health problems, such as extreme fatigue, muscle weakness, and pain. As your body releases stress hormones, your underlying condition may worsen. This is because prolonged stress levels are directly related to the body’s inability to control inflammation, which is usually a significant factor for pain. These heightened levels of stress and worry caused by uncertainty are also harmful to your mental health.

You most likely take no account of underlying or hidden ailments

A simple Google search takes no account of your previous illnesses or possible underlying conditions. This is why you should not trust or run off with a diagnosis from a search result. If, for instance, you have an underlying heart condition that causes searing pain in some parts of the body, you may need urgent medical attention and not painkillers. In such cases, treating the underlying sickness is necessary for the long-term relief of such pain.

Misdiagnosis and Missed Diagnosis

In more cases than not, self-diagnosing leads to a wrong diagnosis. You may then opt for home remedies, which leave the underlying condition untreated. This puts you in danger. Also, conflicting information exists on the internet, and as there is no absolute proof of correctness, you most likely will be making uninformed choices for your health.

Your existing bias and worry may make you go with the information that best suits you, leaving out the issue that needs attention. Rather than spending time treating the wrong problem, you are better off getting properly diagnosed.

You should be informed that health-related information shared on the internet is neither regulated nor proven. As such, there is a high chance that the information you are going through is unreliable and unapproved by qualified medical personnel.

For pain-related conditions, you may have a chance to combat the problem before it worsens, but self-diagnosis will prevent you from doing this. A proper diagnosis from a qualified physician may be all you need for a better quality of life. Do not hesitate to seek medical attention today.

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