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Almost everyone has headaches at some point during their life. But when your headaches are an ongoing problem or cause severe pain, it’s time to seek help from board-certified anesthesiology and pain medicine physician Bradley Silva, MD, at Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The interventional pain management practice takes a whole-person, multidisciplinary approach to headaches, developing treatment plans focusing on you, not your pain. Call the office or schedule your headache consultation online today. 

Headaches Q&A

What types of headaches benefit from pain management?

A headache includes any type of pain that affects your head. There are many types of headaches, each causing varying levels of pain. 

Some of the headaches treated at Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center include:



Migraines are a neurological disorder that causes intense throbbing or pulsing head pain, along with other symptoms like nausea, vomiting, or light sensitivity. Migraine headaches are common, and severity and frequency vary.


Occipital neuralgia

Occipital neuralgia is a nerve-based headache that occurs when the occipital nerve is irritated or pinched. Symptoms include severe piercing, throbbing, or shock-like sensations that travel from the neck into the back of the head. 


Arthritis headaches

Arthritis headaches are head pain conditions that develop from arthritic changes that affect the cervical spine — or neck. As you age, the cartilage that separates the facet joints in your spine wears down, compressing or irritating the spinal nerves, causing inflammation and pain that may radiate into the head.

What can I expect during an evaluation for headaches?

You can expect a patient-centered exam when you visit Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center for help with your headaches. The goal of your evaluation is to diagnose the cause of your head pain and create a plan to help you get long-term pain relief.

Your pain specialist asks about your symptoms, including the type of pain you feel, where it occurs, and any known triggers. Stress, hormones, and weather changes are migraine triggers. They review your medical history and perform a physical exam.

I have migraine headaches. Can Botox® help my pain?

Botox is one of the treatment options Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center offers for migraine headaches. Botox is recommended for people with chronic migraines (15 or more headaches in a 30-day period). 

But Botox doesn’t work for all headaches. Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to headache management, customizing plans that help you get the best outcomes. Treatments for headaches may include:

  • Medication management
  • Physical therapy
  • Interventional pain procedures (corticosteroid injections, nerve blocks, Botox)
  • Psychotherapy

All interventional pain management treatments from Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center are done at their onsite procedure suite. 

Call Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center or schedule an appointment online today for expert headache management.