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Neck Pain

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Neck Pain

Neck Pain located Kenosha, WI

Chronic neck pain can affect many aspects of your daily life, making it hard to sleep, read, or drive. At Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center in Kenosha, Wisconsin, board-certified anesthesiology and pain medicine physician Bradley Silva, MD, provides comprehensive care for neck pain. The interventional pain management practice takes a multidisciplinary approach, creating plans that ease your pain and improve your quality of life. Call the office or schedule your neck pain consultation online today. 

Neck Pain Q&A

What causes neck pain?

You can develop neck pain from many causes. Your neck is the most flexible part of your spine, allowing you to move your head up and down and side to side. The movement of your neck and the weight of your head make the neck susceptible to injuries and conditions that result in pain.

Common causes of neck pain include:

  • Whiplash
  • Strains and sprains
  • Herniated disc
  • Degenerative disc disease (DDD)
  • Arthritis
  • Spinal stenosis

Though you can develop neck pain after an acute injury, like whiplash after a fender-bender, most neck pain occurs from degenerative changes in the cervical spine. 

I can’t turn my head because of neck pain. Do I need pain management?

If you have neck pain and stiffness affecting your ability to function normally, you need to schedule an appointment at Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center. 

The interventional pain management practice specializes in treating chronic pain conditions. They understand that everyone experiences pain differently and take a patient-centered, whole-person approach to care, creating plans based on your needs and goals. 

What can I expect during a pain management consultation?

You can expect a comprehensive evaluation when you visit Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center for help with neck pain. Your provider asks detailed questions about your pain, including the type of pain you feel, when it started, and how it affects your quality of life.

They review your medical history and daily routine and perform a physical exam. Your provider may also order imaging tests to confirm or rule out a diagnosis to explain your neck pain.

They also talk to you about your goals and expectations from pain management. 

What treatments can help relieve my neck pain?

Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center takes a multidisciplinary approach to neck pain. They customize your plan based on the cause of your discomfort and the severity of your symptoms. 

Treatment for neck pain may include:

  • Medication management
  • Physical therapy
  • Posture training
  • Interventional pain procedures (epidural injections, nerve blocks, radiofrequency ablation)
  • Psychotherapy

Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center has its own procedure suite, so there is no need to go to the hospital when receiving pain treatments like epidural injections or nerve blocks. 

The pain experts work closely with you, adjusting your plan until you achieve your goals.

Call Lakeshore Pain and Spine Center or use the online booking feature to schedule your neck pain consultation today.